I guess that he really dont understand that im okay and he wasnt my ideal he keeps telling me I made a huge mistake but idk I just was comfortable and settled for him like any guy could spend all day cuddling with me and picking me up from work idk were just different I crave experience and life idk I just think we should just stop talking. Its really what would be best.

God fucking damn he just texted me!!! Urgh

Oh somewhat life update tooo!!!

I didnt switch im still working in my degree in my 5th semester out of 8 :D and I didnt get that iPhone lol i fixed this phone but I had a great summer I went to a jay and bey concert and im vice president of rec council thats chilling and idk espically the last two weeks were again me and this guy went out a bunch and it was soooo different then my ex cause like me and him would hang out and that was fine and me him and his friends/cousins would hang out too and that was fine aswel idk really cool guy man life is great and I finally got my ex to stop talking to me so thank goooooddddddddddddd and baby jesus for that like I got him mad enough and I texted him to see if he would answer and he didnt so 10/10 I know its not good to manipulate people and their feelings but holy fuck we broke up lets be separated for a while at least maybe next year ill talk to him again if thats what life brings

So I kissed this guy and then told my ex boyfriend and broke up then me and said guy had sex and now exboyfriend is all “ya but 2 days means nothing It was right after I feel the same as if it was while we were dating” but just because he feels the same doesnt mean I do.. im 21 I dont need this lol

Hey look its raining

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u need dis


man wtf is even going on right now


i kinda neglected this blog ! im so sorry but heres a little life update

im gunna switch into a different program im doing the same thing just at a diploma level and not a degree cause its so hard on me and im crying and freaking out a lot and idk its just TOO much stress and i want this phone


and im gunna get it it has about 2 week sof apple care left on it and im prbly gunna extend it  too

and ya

im likin this